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10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Covid-19

FiberPasta Facemask - Protect Yourself from Covid-19

When it comes to Covid-19, it is a confusing world out there — with “advice” coming from all angles, not all the advice reflects reality. At FiberPasta.us, we’re always concerned about the health of our customers (and everyone else of course). So we’ve put together some of the things you might not know about that will help protect you and others from the virus.

  1. First, the obvious, and getting this out of the way. Wash your hands very often, don’t touch your face, keep your distance from others, and stay home if you’re feeling sick.

  2. When you have to go shopping, be careful about touching objects that were likely touched by lots of other people. Some foods are more popular than others when it comes to being touched. For example, fruits and vegetables are “evaluated” by hand contact (too hard, too soft, just perfect, etc.). Some foods are very popular, and packages are lifted off the shelves to be read — such as tissues, shampoo and pasta.

  3. Avoid unnecessary trips. Shopping online is often safer. For example, having healthy delicious FiberPasta delivered right to your door can offer you and your family loads of meal opportunities for many months. And with offers like 40% off Fusilli, it’s even better.

  4. When greeting people, non-contact is safest. Fist bumps and high fives may seem safer, but both can transfer Coronavirus.

  5. Unless you’re a medical professional, avoid wearing rubber gloves. This material can collect viral particles throughout the day, and it has been shown that the Coronavirus survives the longest on non-porous materials, like rubber. Thinking you’re protected by rubber gloves is dangerous — especially if you forget and scratch your eye with a gloved hand.

  6. Wear a mask. We already know that people infected with the Coronavirus are most contagious during the 72 hours before they develop any symptoms. In addition, a significant number of infected people don’t even have symptoms. The best way to keep away from viral particles besides social distancing, is wearing a mask.

  7. Keep all surfaces in your home properly disinfected. That includes countertops, light switches, remotes, phones (especially mobile phones and computer keyboards) — and anything else that is commonly touched. The right way, and what people most often miss, is to coat the area with a solution of at least 70% alcohol, and let it sit. Don’t immediately wipe it off. When it comes to disinfecting areas that come into contact with food, try Graves 95% Grain Alcohol. It’s non-toxic (unless you drink to much of it), and you can dilute it with 25% water, which helps get more economy, and also makes it take longer to evaporate — which disinfects more effectively.  We use it with paper towels to make non-toxic sanitary wipes. You can find it on Google Search.

  8. Do not use disinfectant wipes on multiple surfaces. They can transfer germs.

  9. Practice immune-building behavior. Immune-building habits include: not smoking, eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, regular exercise especially cardio, adequate sleep, drinking only in moderation, fresh air and sun. Garlic has been shown to boost the immune system. For our FiberPasta triple-immune boosting recipe, click here.

  10. In addition to physical health, mental health is important. High stress levels can make you more susceptible to catching a virus. That’s why many believe that a relaxing dinner with family, with appropriate “comfort foods” can help bring your stress levels down. Many people, under stress, run to regular pasta or high-sugar foods. If you want the comfort of pasta, but not the sugar spikes that can lead to even more stress, savor some FiberPasta— its slow-absorbing carbs provide the comfort, but not the sugar spike cycles.
Coronavirus will likely remain with us for many months or years, so developing these habits is a great strategy for maintaining long-term health. We hope these ideas are helpful and beneficial to you. Remember, with some common sense and extra attention to these suggestions, your health and the health of your loved ones will be a lot more likely to last.

We welcome you to comment, and look through our Collections at FiberPasta.us.

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