MARY ROSE DERACO • Certified Diabetes Educator

Mary Rose Deraco FiberPasta

My name is Mary Rose Deraco and I am a Certified Diabetes Educator in Los Angeles, California. I have over 30 years of experience in fighting the global health crisis of diabetes. I am a diabetes and fitness expert but first and foremost, I am an Italian American that loves pasta.

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with prediabetes while I was having dinner with my friend and mentor, who is an Endocrinologist. Oddly enough, we were wearing continuous glucose sensors, to familiarize ourselves with the nuances of the technology for our patients.

About 45-60 minutes into our pasta dinner, my monitor alerted that my glucose had hit 189mg/dl, a level way above normal. My Endocrinologist friend got me into her office to have my A1c checked and sure enough, it was 6.1%. I was officially diagnosed with prediabetes and I thought to myself "my pasta days are over" or at least reserved for intensive cardio days but always “peppered” with lots of guilt!

A few months ago my friend Roberto Villani called to say he was launching an Italian made, low glycemic index (GI) pasta and flour line in the US and wanted me to try it.  I must say I was a big skeptic at first. After all I was raised on the “real stuff”. I had tried low glycemic index pastas in the past and they just couldn’t pass my tough standards for taste and texture.

Roberto assured me that this was the “real stuff” and I wouldn’t notice a difference in taste or texture and made arrangements with the chef at Palmeri Restaurant in Brentwood, Los Angeles, where they are serve FiberPasta, so I could “reenact” my diagnostic pasta experience with his low GI pasta. So I sat with my Endocrinologist friend and my continuous glucose sensor and ate a large restaurant portion of the most delicious pasta.

Low Glycemic Index FiberPasta Organic NonGMO Vegan Roberto was right, it was the real thing and my glucose stayed at a steady state the entire night! I took a picture of my 3 hour glucose graph and texted it to Roberto.  I couldn’t fall sleep that night thinking of the global impact this flour could have on people with prediabetes and diabetes. We could finally eat pasta without feeling guilty or worrying about microvascular disease! Needless to say, I have since partnered with Roberto to help to bring FiberPasta’s innovative low GI functional food products to the United States.

FiberPasta offers an innovative profile of low glycemic functional food choices that are high in fiber and protein, non-GMO, sugar free, and low in sodium.  One serving of FiberPasta's low GI Flour contains 60% of RDA of fiber 15g and 12g of lean protein. The The low GI product line is made with just 3 simple natural ingredients including inulin a powerful prebiotic that aids in strengthening the gut microbiome and immune system function.

This puts us in a unique position to be the leading innovator in the "Culinary Medicine Functional Food Revolution". We hope you will try the products and join us in our commitment to making a delicious impact on the health of humanity through the science of culinary medicine.