VITO IACOPELLI • Master Pizzaiolo • Prova Pizzeria West Hollywood – FiberPastaUS

VITO IACOPELLI • Master Pizzaiolo • Prova Pizzeria West Hollywood

Mario Lopez Vito Iacopelli Pizza FiberPasta Flour Pizzeria Prova West Los Angeles

My name is Vito Iacopelli, I'm the master pizza maker - "pizzaiolo" - at Pizzeria Prova in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

I had the pleasure of having Mario Lopez, an advocate of health and fitness, try pizzas that were made using our FiberPasta Flour, and he loved it! The pizzas received an immense amount of praise, and they are healthier than pizza made with regular flour.

At Prova, our wood-oven pizzas feature signature thin crusts that are topped with fresh and natural ingredients. You can also choose from white, wheat, and gluten-free crusts… which of course, includes FiberPasta!

FiberPasta Flour is a perfect alternative for white flour that can be used for pizza crusts and other baked goods. Not only is it high in fiber and protein, it’s also low glycemic, sodium free, and reduced in carbs. This is perfect for diabetics, athletes, and and anyone interested in their overall health.