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FiberPasta Tagliatelle - Low Glycemic Index - Egg-Free


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Try our FiberPasta Tagliatelle Pasta, with the same flavor and pleasantness as traditional Italian pasta. The wheat used is exclusively of Italian origin, where we select the best high quality durum wheat semolina. We also ensure that glyphosate is absent in the wheat used for the production of our pasta.

The Product:

  • A healthy pasta that tastes just like traditional Italian pasta
  • Ideal for low glycemic diets, weight control and workouts
  • Reduced, slow-absorbing net carbs: 58g per 100g serving
  • Special process makes FiberPasta Carbs absorb more slowly
  • Low glycemic index: 23 
  • Egg-free
  • High fiber: 15g per 100g serving
  • High protein: 15g per 100g serving
  • Sugar, sodium, and cholesterol free

      Additional Info:

      • Weight: 250g
      • Ingredients: Durum wheat semolina, wheat fiber, inulin
      • Allergens: Wheat