Vegetables you should eat with FiberPasta which has the lowest glycemic index of all pasta on the market and is high in protein and fiber sugar free ideal for weight loss and for diabetic people

The best foods for diabetes and preventing diabetes are foods that are high in nutrition value and have a low impact on blood sugar levels, in other words, foods that are part of a low glycemic diet. The World Health Organization recommends that people living in industrialized countries, such as the US, eat low glycemic food.

Generally speaking, the abundance of food and our sedentary lifestyle, puts Americans at risk for diabetes, obesity, heart disease and metabolic syndrome - the combination of high cholesterol blood pressure and blood sugar. As a matter of fact, 125 million Americans are effected by diabetes or pre-diabetes and 58% of Americans are overweight or obese.

Foods such as vegetables, grains, lean proteins and healthy fats are rich in nutrition value and have a low impact on blood sugar levels, if eaten in appropriate portions of course, and are part of a low glycemic diet.


About 40-60% of a healthy diet should come from healthy carbohydrates and the rest should come from lean proteins and healthy fats. People with diabetes and pre-diabetes need to choose their carbohydrates carefully because some have more of an impact on blood sugar than others.

So to keep it simple:

  • Fill up 50% of your plate with non-starchy vegetables at each meal - 3 meals per day about every 4-5 hours so you don’t get too hungry. For example, fill up on salads or a vegetable soups. Vegetables stay in your stomach longer and help to control hunger, lower cholesterol and provide lots of fiber, and vitamins
  • Allow 25% of your plate to be a starchy complex carbohydrate (approximately 1 cup) the best are those that are high in fiber because they take longer for your body to digest. Some examples of healthy choices are pasta, such as FiberPasta low-glycemic high fiber and high protein pasta, brown rice, quinoa or beans
  • The remaining 25% of your plate, the size of a deck of cards, should be filled with lean proteins such as fish, chicken, eggs, tofu.

Best foods for diabetes infographic learn how to eat healthy

We recommend you to take your time in preparing your food so that you are able to follow as closely as possible the above mentioned portions. Give it a try, a low glycemic diet is not based on giving up eating but on eating smarter!