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FiberPasta Benefits

Benefits of FiberPasta


The Health Benefits of FiberPasta and Why its Carbs are Different.


FiberPasta products have clinically-proven health benefits. When combined with a healthy daily diet and exercise, they are generally safe for diabetics, prediabetics, and those concerned about sugar, weight control and health.

At FiberPasta, we’ve been getting comments from concerned customers about the amount of carbohydrates in our products. So we hope this will help your understanding of the health benefits of FiberPasta, carbohydrates, glycemic index, and fiber — and how they all work together to help you and your family remain healthy longer.

Recently published in October 2019, a study by affiliates of the Diabetes Units of two hospitals in Rome and Florence Italy, provides these insights:


  • Fiber is the most important and healthy source of energy
  • The wheat fiber in FiberPasta contains twice as much as whole grain pastas
  • This fiber, when consumed with enough water during the day, offers fullness and lowered appetite, which can lead to weight loss
  • The inulin in FiberPasta provides better energetic release — excellent for mental and physical performance
  • Significant research shows that all carbohydrates in foods are not the same
  • The higher the glycemic index, the faster the carbohydrates are assimilated into the body
  • FiberPasta has a low glycemic index — 23 as compared to average macaroni, which has a glycemic index of 68
  • FiberPasta net carbs in a 3.5 oz. serving (41 compared to 70 net carbs in other pastas) absorb more gradually into the bloodstream, which can help reduce insulin reaction
  • Of two groups, patients who ate FiberPasta lost more weight and had lower glucose levels than those not eating FiberPasta
  • In one group, patients had significantly lower HbA1c and insulin levels after eating FiberPasta, when compared to those who ate average pastas
  • Due to lower carb and net carb values of FiberPasta, insulin-dependent diabetics may require less insulin coverage for FiberPasta compared to regular pasta, which has less fiber and protein
Dr. Emma Vitiani is a dietitian with offices in Perugia, Foligno and Abano Terme in Italy. She has studied and tested FiberPasta for over a year with her insulin-dependent diabetic patients. She confirmed that glycemic levels, after eating FiberPasta, remained steady and optimal, even in patients who didn't follow fitness routines or diet therapies. This isn’t the case with other pastas. Why? It is because of a unique process that goes into the manufacturing of FiberPasta, which includes enriching soluble fiber and extruding lignin (an insoluble fiber found in wood and paper) that is in average pastas).

According to an authoritative study pursued by the School of Nutrition at Marche Polytechnic University in Ancona Italy, FiberPasta’s glycemic index of 23%, and glycemic load of 10.8%, qualify it as a low glycemic index product that can be safe for diabetics.



In summary, FiberPasta products have endured rigorous testing and experimentation — to document and prove all the health benefits of eating this remarkable pasta. In addition to being highly recommended for diabetics and prediabetics, it plays a beneficial role in prevention and cure of constipation, high cholesterol and blood glucose (because of its slow carb absorption), tumors and cardiovascular disease (because of its whole grain fibers and flours), and has successfully assisted in weight loss therapy and maintaining weight stability. That is why, almost two decades ago, the Italian Ministry of Health certified the health benefits of FiberPasta through a Ministerial Decree.

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