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FiberPasta is the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation; it represents the authentic taste of Italian tradition and the health benefits of fiber 

– Giuseppe Polverini (inventor of FiberPasta)


Our history began in the second half of 1800. The family founder, Nazzareno Polverini, began his business with a small watermill near Ancona, located in the centre of Italy. His three sons helped increase his activity by constructing three additional mills.

One of the sons, Pietro, together with his son Italo (Giuseppe’s father), bought a mill with stone grinders and transformed it into a modern system for producing white flour, which had a big demand at the time. This system worked until 1972, where Italo bought a mill in Monte San Vito and an industrial bakery in Ancona. Italo entrusted the bakery and mill to his sons, Carlo and Giuseppe (respectively). However, Giuseppe went beyond producing flour for bakeries and started composing wheat through special systems that he partly planned by himself.

From 1985 to 1990, this activity allowed Giuseppe to supply companies of an important Italian group with special flours. Prompted by the leaders of the group, Giuseppe founded I.P.D. s.r.l. in 1996, which would later be called FiberPasta Srl. After much time, energy, and money, Giuseppe finally patented the manufacturing process that went into creating a new line of dietetic products, called FiberPasta. Completely natural and made by wheat with a high amount of fiber and protein, FiberPasta products are both healthy and tasty. In 2001, the Italian Ministry of Health approved the healthy qualities of FiberPasta through a Ministerial Decree.

Nowadays, in Italy, thousands of people eat FiberPasta. And now we’re bringing FiberPasta to North America for many more to enjoy!