Multiple studies have been performed on FiberPasta, supporting its health benefits.

  • The Italian Ministry of Health
    • FiberPasta is acknowledged as a “food suitable for people suffering from the troubles of glucose metabolism [diabetes]” – Reference 600.12/8114, 2001
  • San Camillo Forlanini Hospital (Rome, Italy)
    • “Fiber Pasta may be included not only in a balanced diet, but also in the diets of people suffering from metabolic pathologies (diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity ...) and/or constipation… In our experience, a group of obese patients has undergone a low-calorie diet including a serving of FiberPasta. Within three months, 93% of the subjects lost 14 lbs and BMI was reduced by 2.39 points. The average total cholesterol levels dropped from 213.2 mg/dl to 191.4 mg/dl.”
      • MD Prof. Claudio Tubili (Chief of Dept. of Diabetes)
      • Odette M.S. Hassan (Dietitian of Dept. of Diabetes
  • Ongoing Studies
    • Studies performed by the National Cancer Institute of Milan (Italy) and the University of Castilla (Spain) with participants throughout Europe.
    • Currently participating in research experiments tracing how inulin (pre-biotic fiber that helps promote digestive health) can help prevent and fight against colorectal cancer.
    • Randomized, double-blind placebo clinical study on pre-biotic functional foods for prevention of colorectal cancer in high risk individuals.