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FiberPasta BarrettaPro Dark Chocolate Bar - High Protein

BarrettaPro Protein Bar

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BarrettaPro is a protein bar covered with dark chocolate based on gluten-free cereals and dried fruit (almonds and hazelnuts), crunchy and tasty, made with selected high quality, 100% natural ingredients. Comes in pack of 4, total 4.9 oz.

The Product:

  • High protein content 30% (blend of vegetable proteins with excellent amino acid profile, without soy)
  • High fiber content 27%
  • Low glycemic load per bar (3.6)
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan, certified Vegan Ok
  • Palm oil free
  • Without artificial preservatives / sweeteners / thickeners

Suitable for diets with a low glycemic load, excellent for sportsmen before and after training, celiacs, vegans, children from school age as a snack or even for quick breakfasts.